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Birthday Parties

“The Most Active Party in town”

Our Birthday Party program is a unique way of having a good time while having a great experience with gymnastics, fitness, and fun. The party will last 2 hours and the kids will have over an hour of fun with gymnastics activities supervised and instructed by our staff. All the party guests will get to enjoy a taste of gymnastics on our Olympic equipment, in ground trampoline(40 foot long tumble – track), foam pit and more…
Our birthday room is set with tables and chairs and you will be able to set up your own decorations and refreshments. After an hour of gymnastics, including the birthday child bungying and receiving of a medal, we will bring the children into the birthday room to enjoy the refreshments and open presents.
The icing on the cake is our 3 story fantastic “FUN-TAZ-TICS” indoor playground that the children can have fun under your supervision.

We provide:
• 12,000 sq feet state of the art facility
• Party room with tables and chairs
• 3 Story indoor playground
• Qualified gymnastics instructors
• Party invitations
• Fun and Safe atmosphere
For the birthday child :
• Authentic Gymnastics Medal
• Bungee (An Unforgettable Experience)

Your responsibilities as host/hostess?
• Pick up the invitations that Elite Gymnastics provides.
• Bring the remaining balance of your payment with you on the day of the party. (Cash or Checks Only)
• Arrive 15 minutes before your party is scheduled to start so you can decorate, greet guests, and meet your Party Leader. Please be courteous to other birthday parties scheduled on your date by arriving no earlier and leaving when your party concludes.

Rules for a perfect party.

Please follow the rules below for a fun and safe party:

  • Parties start at the time agreed upon by the host family and Elite Gymnastics.
  • Before the party begins, all parents must sign the waiver for any child participating in the party. Only the children whose names are on the waiver are allowed to participate in the party.
  • Children should wait in the observation area in an orderly manner – no running, tumbling, or rough housing.
  • Children and parents are not allowed in the gym before or after the gymnastics portion of the party.
  • Once in the gym, all children must stay with the Party Leader for safety’s sake. They will not be allowed to go on any equipment by themselves or without instruction.
  • Parents are not allowed in the gym. You may watch from the lobby or wait in the birthday room.
  • Only the birthday child’s parents are allowed out on the gym floor in sneakers, socks, or bare feet ONLY to take pictures.
  • No one is allowed in the office areas.
  • All food and drinks must be kept in the party area; it is not permitted in the gym.
  • Alcohol and smoking are prohibited on the premises.
  • Elite Gymnastics is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Party format:
• 15 minutes- Welcome and Funtastics
• 60 minutes- In gym
• 45 minutes- Party room and Funtastics

Price Packages: (2 Coaches Provided with Every Package)
Package A – Up to 15 children  –  $250
Package B – 16 to 20 children  –  $300
Package C – 21 to 25 children –   $350
*$10 Per Child Over 25*

NON – Refundable deposit of $50 when booking the party!

Booking and times:
Parties are on Saturdays and Sundays. Three time-slots per day. Please CALL and we can schedule your party in minutes. Pick up your party invitations at your earliest convenience while you reserve your spot with a $50.00(non refundable)deposit. The deposit will be applied to your remaining balance.