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Gymnastics is one of the most physically and mentally beneficial sports
    for your child out there.
    It’s great diversity touches every aspect of the human body and is just about the best sport for developing great gross motor skills, perfect sense of balance, cat like coordination as well as flexibility.
    The fun nature of the sport allows every child to enjoy themselves and have lots of fun while developing those very important abilities. Our great team of coaches is trained to bring the best out of your child in a positive and enjoyable way.

Beginner Class Organization

1 hour divided as follow:
15 minutes – stretch(5 min running drills, 5 min standing exercises and stretching and 5 min stretching on the floor);
3 rotations each lasting 15 minutes on Olympic events including tumble track and obstacle course (rotations are scheduled and different for each week);
Last few minutes – strength and conditioning or play time in funtaztics or the foam pit .

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Class Schedule 2018_19

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Our Classes:

Mom or Dad & Me

Ages 18m – 3y
1 Hour Class
Girls & Boys (mix class)
Ratio 1:10

A fun and creative way for your child to explore the joy of gymnastics. This class requires parental participation, which enables you the opportunity to see and help your child develop movements as well as social interaction skills.

Preschool Gymnastics

Ages 3y – 5y
Girls or Boys Preschool
55 minute class
Ratio 1:7

The preschooler’s natural desire to play will be encouraged, while being instructed how to direct their physical and mental energy. With our special preschool equipment, a safe class is always our first priority.

Beginners Classes

Ages 6 – 18
1:7 Ratio
All Olympic Events

For the child with little or no experience in gymnastics. Develops strength, flexibility and physical endurance to increase potential for learning basic gymnastics skills and all-over fitness. Also, developing body awareness, strength and coordination by teaching basic gymnastics skills in a fun and progressive manner.

Tumbling Classes

Ages 5 – 18

Girls & Boys
1:7 Ratio
Tumbling floor, tumble track, trampoline

For the student that needs to improve any tumbling skills. Any levels of cheer tumbling and more…

Intermediate & Advanced Classes

By invitation ONLY
1:8 – 1:9 Ratio
1.5 – 2 hour class

For the student who has progressed beyond the Beginner Level and are ready for new and more difficult challenges.

Boys Gymnastics

Ages 6 and up
Advanced Team Level

Our Boys Program is EXCLUSIVE to boys.

We place emphasis on developing strong character through discipline, hard work, and respect. We focus on strength, flexibility and form while developing a positive self-esteem and self confidence.

Competitive Gymnastics Team

By Invitation ONLY
Teams- Level 1 to Elite
Great Tradition … Great Results!

Workouts include skill development and refinement at a very high level to prepare the male or female gymnast for competition in USA Artistic Gymnastics meets.

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Class Schedule 2018_19

Elite Registration Form

Please call us to check for availability!


We have one of the most flexible philosophies on building up our class program.
We have our regular class schedule but our policy is that we would open a class at any time as long as we have at least 3 students, in the same age group, in it.
Taking this under consideration anyone could find a couple of friends and open a class at their own convenient time regardless at the time!